Water Sound Effects Pack #1

Mattias Holmgren | Morningdew Media Online Store
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Fresh water sounds for your next music track, game, film or animation.

Water drops and droplets served for your next game. Add some organic watery sounds to your film or Chill Out track. 

In the pack you will find an array of; Splashes, Water drops, bubbles, boiling, bottle clings & pings, fountain, lava stream and much more.

These sounds work great in Future Bass / EDM tracks

Crystal clear liquid sounds for Unity games and animations.

Water Sound Effects Pack #1 features:

➜ +120 Water Effects in .wav format

➜ 44.1 khz 16 - 24bit.

➜ Recorded with Zoom H4N + Neumann TLM 102 mic.

➜ No pre-processing except normalisation and light compression.

➜ 16 folders of water effects ready for action.

Folders & contents:

01. Boiling Water - 2x water boil, one regular and one witch cauldron.

02. Bottle Glass Instr - 18x Glass Bottle Sounds. Blown hard, soft, long etc. Suitable to throw into a sampler.

03. Bottle Plastic FX - 11x Plastic bottle hits and blown into.

04. Bubbles - 6x Bubble blows in small glass.

05. Elixir Potion - 9x Magical Elixir Potion Sound for Fantasy.

06. Fountain - 2x Water fountain.

07. Lavaflow - 3x Deep lava flow

08. Rain Thunder Rumble - 11x Light and heavy rain, on roof and ground.

09. Shower - 1x shower

10. Water Drops - 22 water drop effects, real / mouth / synthesis, dry / wet.

11. Water Weird Effects - 7x weird water effects

12. Waterdrift - 1x Vehicle drifting on water loop.

13. Waterfall - 10x 0.5m - 50m, waterfall recorded at different distance

14. Watersink - 1x Watersink, pour water and shut off.

15. Watersplash - 5x water splashes.

16. Waves - 1x The lovely shore of Greece (Crete) waves loop

License Rights / Legal

Purchase of this product grants you a license for commercial and non-commercial use without attribution. You agree to not re-sell / re-distribute the samples "as is", in part or as a whole.

Though we appreciate if you put “features a sample by Mattias Holmgren & morningdewmedia.com” where you list credits for your track/project/film/etc.

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Water Sound Effects Pack #1

2 ratings
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