Wood Sounds Pack #1

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Wood sounds recorded for game, music and film projects. This is a hand picked compilation for instant gratification from my custom sound library.

Enrich your music production with organic sounds and spice up your games with pristine quality wood samples.

* Swipe the image / or press the Left/Right arrows to find audio demos. *

In this pack you will find all kinds of wood, tree and forest related sounds.

There are wood assembling, hammering, chopping, clutches, crack, bark rips, wood doors, forest ambience, kalimba, flute and much more.

It's a forest of +190 sounds!

€10 or pay what you want!

➜ +190 Wood Foley Sound Effects

➜ 44.1 khz 16 - 24bit in .wav format. 

➜ Recorded with Zoom H4N + Neumann TLM 102 mic.

➜ No unnecessary processing except normalisation and light compression.

➜ 16 folders of wood related sound effects suitable for music, games, film and animation.

Folders & content:

01. Wood Assemble - 6x wood assemble / constructing.

02. Wood Backgammon Game - 65x dice shake, dice throw, dice, roll, token drag, token move etc.

03. Wood Chop - 19x - chopping wood

04. Wood Clutch - 15x - wood clutch / extending a wood table

05. Wood Cracks - 5x - wood breaking apart.

06. Wood Door - 4x open / close, squeak.

07. Wood Drop A Bunch - 4x - dropping a bunch of logs into a pile.

08. Wood Forest Ambience - 6x Swedish forest ambience, wind, walk etc.

09. Wood Kalimba - 4x kalimba sounds.

10. Wood Knock Light - 11x wood knocks, poke.

11. Wood Move Around In Box - 4x moving around wood / logs in a box.

12. Wood Pan Flute Blow - 4x pan flute blows.

13. Wood Throw In Box - 6x wood logs thrown into a box.

14. Wood Throw Into Pile - 13x logs thrown into wood pile.

15. Wood Tree Grow - Tree grow sound, squeal, branch & leaf rattle.

16. Wood Various - misc wood sounds that did not fit in a specific category but still sounds very unique and cool. Bark rips, box, hammering / saw, put down wood, rattle and fall, open an antique drawer / table.

License Rights / Legal

Purchase of this product grants you a license for commercial and non-commercial use without attribution. You agree to not re-sell / re-distribute the samples "as is", in part or as a whole.

Though we appreciate if you put “features a sample by Mattias Holmgren & morningdewmedia.com” where you list credits for your track/project/film/etc.

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Wood Sounds Pack #1

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